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Best tv box solutions - K-Addons

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Just for Mxq pro mini and Leelbox S1,m9s pro model

1. open “K-Addons”

>>Categories of the add-ons.

>>Choose one category and open it, enter into a page like:

>> Click  in the middle of the icon, and then begin the installing. The pinkish red line is progress bar.

>> Multiple add-ons can be installed at the same time. Close K-Addons when the add-ons finish installing. Then Open TVMC and here you will find the add-ons you have installed.

>> TVMC will check the new version of the add-ons that have been installed and upgrade it automatically if there is any add-ons need to be upgraded. “no update” shows it is the newest version. If there is an update notice, just click to download the new version.

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